Worth A Listen: Top Audio Tracks for October 20, 2013

Food Writer Marion Kane Remembers The First Recipe She Learned To Make
A wonderful meditation, produced by Sean Rassmussen, on the power that one’s first recipe has on career, identity, and making connections. Marion Kane, a Canadian Jew who moved with her family to London at age 4, recounts making a cheesecake, a rarity in England in the late 1950s, as a teen, and taking it to school. A lovely snippet of personal history in the form a of a non-narrated radio story.

Robin Dessel: Sex and the nursing home | The Story Collider
Dessel, who oversees vision care, memory care and sexual rights and expression at at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale in New York City, discusses how the staff would handle the rendezvous of two residents of her nursing home who fell in love. I especially like how she ties her own fear of aging into the storyline.

Vape on the Lake | Sound Sausage
This track is the second episode of a new deconstructing-audio podcast, Sound Sausage, produced by the Canadian Sound & Story Workshop. It features a discussion of producer JP Davidson’s Vape on the Lake, a story about a Toronto lounge that lets customers smoke marijuana semi-legally. I’m a fan of the podcast “How Sound,” and I found this show to be very much in that vein, although the conversation between Davidson and the show co-hosts is quite a bit longer and more informal than Rob Rosenthal’s show. And the subject of pot usage is handled very non-sensationally by Davidson – a good thing in a time when attitudes about medicinal and recreational cannabis use are shifting significantly.

DC Decoded: What’s Wrong and The Belly of the Beast

These two episodes, taken from former NPR political correspondent Andrea Seabrook’s excellent new podcast, are a handy guide to why we currently have a Congress that shuts down when challenged. Her guide on this tour of the halls of the Capitol in these two episodes is Lee Hamilton, a former Democratic U.S. Representative from Indiana. In “What’s Wrong,” Hamilton reads part of a manifesto that discusses the changes he saw in Congress during his time there (1965-99). In “Belly of the Beast,” Seabrook talks to Hamilton about what he says is the biggest hurdle to a return to bipartisanship – the influence of money.

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