Monthly Archives: February 2015

Hollywood at Home: The Center for Home Movies Showcases the Value of Family Films

Photo by Sol Robayo courtesy of Flickr. Today we have a real treat: an interview with for Dwight Swanson, a co-founder and a board member for the Center for Home Movies, an organization dedicated to preserving home-made motion pictures — from the old-timey Super 8 films made the middle of the 20th century, to today‚Äôs […]

Homemade Jam: Preserving Your Family’s Musical Heritage

Photo courtesy of Cindy Higby via Flickr. This post has its roots in an audio file posted by my Facebook friend Alia. She recently shared a recording her family made of her playing her violin with her grandmother Marian playing piano, produced about 10 years ago. They are playing a song that Marian wrote; Alia […]