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Worth A Listen: Top Audio Tracks for October 2014

This month, I found one new piece and two “classic” audio tracks to present for your listening pleasure. I have to credit downloading the PRX Remix app for locating the older tracks … It’s a great source for discovering amazing things to listen to that aren’t currently making the rounds on NPR or at the […]

Worth A Listen: Top Audio Tracks for March 2014

Harriet Quimby. Harriet Quimby | The Memory Palace Nate DiMeo provides a really compelling mini-portrait of Quimby, the first American woman to obtain an airplane pilot’s license. As ever, he takes historical people and events that have faded from popular view and imbues their stories with depth, character and adventure. Message in A Bottle/Re:Sound #185 […]

Worth A Listen: Top Audio Tracks for July 20, 2013

Photo courtesy SXC. Weathering the Storm: A History of Extreme Weather Maybe you have to come from “tornado alley,” where I grew up, to appreciate the stories behind extreme weather and how Americans have coped with it over the years. This edition of the Backstory radio show/podcast stitches together several tales about storms and their […]

Worth a Listen: Top Audio Tracks for June 8, 2013

Photo courtesy SXC. In this post, I highlight four tracks that show different aspects of excellence in audio storytelling – a side-splitting personal recollection, a masterful consideration of the underlying elements of our society, a life review of what drives an interesting woman’s passion for connecting with people, and a brilliant description of a visual […]

Making the Family Business Your Own: My Audio Story on Working Now

Just a quick note to let you know my audio story about Jeremy Smith, a co-owner of Central Arizona Supply in Phoenix, has been posted to the Working Now radio story project. “Working Now” is an online collaborative audio project about the working lives of people today around the world. It pays homage to Studs […]

Worth A Listen: Top Audio Tracks for May 26, 2013

Photo courtesy SXC. There’s a great big world of sound out there these days: according to recent research on podcasting, a recent Edison Research Study on the Podcast Consumer demonstrated that awareness of the medium has grown 105 percent since 2006, from 22 percent in 2006 to 45 percent in 2012. Likewise, the percentage of […]