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Rock the Mic: 10 things I’ve learned from producing a podcast

Photo courtesy of Nicolas Solop via Flickr. September 30 is International Podcast Day, and since here at Listen Closely Productions, we celebrate the power of sound to change lives, I thought I would observe the occasion by sharing some observations from my six-plus years of podcasting. I became interested in podcasting in the summer of […]

Homemade Jam: Preserving Your Family’s Musical Heritage

Photo courtesy of Cindy Higby via Flickr. This post has its roots in an audio file posted by my Facebook friend Alia. She recently shared a recording her family made of her playing her violin with her grandmother Marian playing piano, produced about 10 years ago. They are playing a song that Marian wrote; Alia […]

Worth A Listen: Top Audio Tracks for October 2014

This month, I found one new piece and two “classic” audio tracks to present for your listening pleasure. I have to credit downloading the PRX Remix app for locating the older tracks … It’s a great source for discovering amazing things to listen to that aren’t currently making the rounds on NPR or at the […]

Worth A Listen: Top Audio Tracks for March 2014

Harriet Quimby. Harriet Quimby | The Memory Palace Nate DiMeo provides a really compelling mini-portrait of Quimby, the first American woman to obtain an airplane pilot’s license. As ever, he takes historical people and events that have faded from popular view and imbues their stories with depth, character and adventure. Message in A Bottle/Re:Sound #185 […]

Take a double helping of family stories next week

Photo courtesy SXC. If you’re going to have family in town next week, or you’re traveling to be with loved ones for Thanksgiving, there’s a fun, engaging way to spend time with them that’s calorie free, cost free, and does not involve giant inflatable balloons, marching bands, or footballs. You can – gasp! – ask […]

App Review: Pocket WavePad

What It Is: Pocket WavePad allows smartphone and tablet users to create and edit audio and export it to other platforms, something nearly unthinkable just a few years ago. I downloaded this program from iTunes for my iPhone 4 several months ago, and have experimented with it using a fairly long (16 minute) file of […]

Archival Sound Roundup for Aug. 20, 2013

Photo courtesy of SXC. Today we start a new feature on Listen Closely Productions. The Archival Sound Roundup scours the Web for the best old-time tracks from the early years of recorded audio, or more contemporary tracks that nonetheless have a historical significance to them now. All of these sites are amazing. Check them out! […]