Personal History

Be the family hero … Preserve priceless memories

Your grandma’s famed pineapple upside-down cake disaster. The reasons why your great-uncle became a Kentucky Colonel. What really happened when your parents met for the first time in the high school drama club prop room.

You can preserve those memories for years to come – Listen Closely Productions is here to make it easy, quick and fun! No need for you to fumble with complicated technology or learn how to interview quirky Aunt Frieda – you’ll tell me how you want to collect and present your loved one’s stories and I will help make it happen.

The story packages offered by Listen Closely Productions are affordable – comparable with the price of a modest vacation. However, this “trip” down memory lane has the bonus of creating enjoyment not only for you, but for everyone with whom you share it.

It’s true that many folks undertake personal and family history projects themselves. But hiring a professional to assist you has many benefits. By hiring this company, you receive:

  • Access to an interviewer skilled at making subjects comfortable and talkative.
  • The services of an experienced professional who understands how to phrase questions to elicit rich, detailed answers and make the subject sound good.
  • The ability of an editor to select the best stories from the interview and present them in brief, compelling “chunks.”
  • The help of a dedicated project manager who will make your family stories her priority and make sure the stories are ready in time for important deadlines such as birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions and the holidays.

Listen Closely Productions offers several service packages, all of which can be customized to meet your family’s unique needs.

Includes one 60-90 on-site, phone, or Skype interview recording session, simple editing to select and present the best stories, the addition of light music to aid transitions between stories, and a 1-minute introduction to the stories by a narrator, if desired.
PRICE: $ 600.00

Includes up to 3 hours of recorded interviews (spread over 2-3 sessions), extensive narration that links the stories together in chapters or episodes, and the addition of sound effects and appropriate music during editing.
PRICE: $ 1,200.00

Includes up to 6 hours of interviews (spread over 4 sessions), extensive narration that links the stories together in chapters or episodes, and the addition of sound effects and appropriate music during editing. A full transcript of the interviews is available as a limited-edition bound book.
PRICE: $ 2,000.00

All images on this page courtesy of SXC.

Additional Services
If your family has visual media such as photos or home movies that you would like to integrate into a memorable presentation, Listen Closely Productions can help.

Narrated Home Movies – your loved one’s 60-90 minute audio interview can form the soundtrack for your old home movies and videos. Can be done in the manner of a “director’s commentary” track of a movie DVD or can replace original audio entirely.
Contact me for a custom quote!

Narrated Slideshows – similar to narrated home movies, but illustrated with your family’s photographs.
Contact Me for a custom quote!

For both these options, steep discounts are offered for projects with videos and photos that have already been placed in a commonly used digital format!


Pat O. discusses her love of horses and her experiences horseback riding as a child and young adult.

Warren and Mary, on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, recall how they first met and their impressions of each other in the early days of their relationship.

In this brief video clip, Pat O. discusses her love of horses as a child as we see her home movies of her riding a beautiful horse and watching her instructor do the same.

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