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Selecting A Family History Project Format – Tip Sheet

A one-page introduction to selecting a format for your personal or family history project.


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How To Tell Your Tale – 10 Questions Answered To Help You Select the Perfect Format For Your Family History Project

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This is a comprehensive guide to picking the perfect format for your personal or family history project. Save time and effort! Do it right the first time!

Anyone interested in chronicling the history of a friend, relative, ancestor, family or social/community/business organization can benefit from reading “How To Tell Your Tale.” The guide is organized by ten questions and answers, which cover a wide range of personal, family and organizational history situations.

Points covered by the report include:

  • The most common formats and their benefits and drawbacks.
  • Alternate formats, such as audio CDs, heritage cookbooks, or hybrid book-multimedia projects, that can engage audiences of all ages and tastes.
  • How to collaborate with others when producing a family history project in a variety of formats.
  • The best formats for bringing genealogical and comprehensive family history research to life.
  • The basic tools needed to get started in any format.

The report also includes a helpful resource guide that provides links to many of the tools mentioned.

“How To Tell Your Tale” is available for $12.95 and can be ordered by visiting:

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