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Stop Waiting, Start Doing: Your Guide to Busting Family History Procrastination Problems

(Photo courtesy of Pixabay.) At about this time last year, I published a guide to getting family history projects done by the holidays. I wrote it because it was the post I needed to read back when I was struggling to finish videos, audio programs and written reminisces in time for my own family’s holiday […]

Becoming the Family Storycatcher, Part 6: Getting It Done

Photo courtesy of mirsasha via Flickr. This post concludes our series, which has walked you through the process of creating a family history project. Now that we’ve edited our interview material into a story that relates to our narrator’s life, it’s time to consider how we will deliver the book, audio program, video or scrapbook […]

Becoming the Family Storycatcher, part 5b: Getting It Ready – Editing Tips

  ¬†Photo courtesy mobilechina2007 via Flickr. In our last post, we looked at some ways to organize the raw materials from your interviews with your family narrator, including how to find a storyline and a narrative arc in their series of anecdotes. Today, I’ll provide a couple of keys to the actual act of editing […]

Becoming The Family Storycatcher, Special Holiday Edition: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Photo by Amy via Flickr. Part of the reason I got into the personal history business was because I enjoyed creating family history videos and other gifts for my own family. I was always struck by the fact that my own joy at creating these gifts was equaled, and in many cases surpassed, by the […]

Becoming the Family Storycatcher, part 3: Getting the Story

Photo via Jon Rawlinson via Flickr. In the first two posts in this series, we discussed how to invite your family member to tell his or her life stories, and how to select a format for presenting their stories. Today, we’ll talk about how to set up the interview environment and conduct the interview in […]

Becoming the Family Storycatcher, Step 2: Pick Your Format

Once you’ve invited a family member or loved one to share his or her life stories, you’ll immediately be faced with a crucial choice point as you prepare to record their memories: What format are you going to use? That sounds like a simple enough question, but as anyone who’s ever happened upon a trove […]