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Becoming the Family Storycatcher, Part 4: Gathering Stories At A Distance

Photo courtesy PixGood.com. So far in our series on storycatching, we’ve focused on working with narrators with whom you are working with face to face. And certainly when asking permission, getting prepared, or conducting the interview itself, working with someone who is within easy driving distance makes things easier. But sometimes when you do a […]

Becoming the Family Storycatcher, Step 1: Getting Permission

Photo courtesy of SXC. Today, I’m kicking off a blog series that discusses some strategies for completing a personal or family history project. If you’ve always been the person running the camera or writing down what happened at family holiday gatherings, and want to take your documenting to the next level, this series will show […]

Take a double helping of family stories next week

Photo courtesy SXC. If you’re going to have family in town next week, or you’re traveling to be with loved ones for Thanksgiving, there’s a fun, engaging way to spend time with them that’s calorie free, cost free, and does not involve giant inflatable balloons, marching bands, or footballs. You can – gasp! – ask […]