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Becoming the Family Storycatcher, Step 2: Pick Your Format

Once you’ve invited a family member or loved one to share his or her life stories, you’ll immediately be faced with a crucial choice point as you prepare to record their memories: What format are you going to use? That sounds like a simple enough question, but as anyone who’s ever happened upon a trove […]

App Review: Storycatcher

(This is another post in a series of reviews of smartphone applications that relate to audio production and/or personal history.) What It Is : StoryCatcher is a smart phone application developed by personal historian April Bell, who runs Tree of Life Legacies and iPhone app developer Urs Brauchli. It is designed to help users make […]

Take a double helping of family stories next week

Photo courtesy SXC. If you’re going to have family in town next week, or you’re traveling to be with loved ones for Thanksgiving, there’s a fun, engaging way to spend time with them that’s calorie free, cost free, and does not involve giant inflatable balloons, marching bands, or footballs. You can – gasp! – ask […]