About Listen Closely Productions

Listen Closely Productions is an audio production company owned by Liz Massey of Glendale, Arizona.

Listen Closely uses the power of recorded sound to tell compelling stories, construct useful tools for creative people and to capture the spirit of individuals for their families to enjoy forever.

We offer several services:

  • Radio stories and podcast programs focusing on the creative life (see the Portfolio page for examples).
  • Audio information products designed to help facilitate creativity, teach productivity skills, and bring the personality and flavor of local creatives to life.
  • Personal and organizational histories that are narrated or un-narrated “sound portraits” that preserve an individual’s, company’s or group’s personality and life history.

My Background

I am a podcaster and independent audio producer with a varied background in nonfiction story-crafting, including experience in magazine editing, web content strategy, video production and public relations.
My initial experiences with audio came in 1998, when I scripted, recorded and edited narration for industrial safety videos. In 2009, I spearheaded development of The Alumni Experience, the official podcast of the Arizona State University Alumni Association. I remain lead producer for the program, which has aired more than 30 episodes.
I have also produced a podcast for my blog about the creative process, Creative Liberty, as well as audio meditations and short programs for my newsletter subscribers.

More About Me – Listen In!

An audio essay describing my lifelong obsession with sound. My mom, circus clowns, phone robots and 70-foot cherry pickers all make guest appearances in this story.



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